Reddit reveals the 10 most active cities in the world


Reddit is a service that allows users to bring interesting story links. Post to share on the network. By which users can vote or rate those stories In addition, there is a space for users to talk about stories shared in the network. However, the name Reddit may not be very familiar to people in our home compared to the Facebook or Twitter network, but in foreign countries, Reddit is quite popular.

On the occasion of Reddit’s annual Reddit rally, on June 4, the Reddit network published statistics to tell if Reddit has a strong market base. Which is the information that marketers in the US want to know in a wide range

One important statistic is the top 10 cities in which the population has the most Reddit usage. Data from Reddit shows that cities that populate Reddit use more than 3 places from America, with 3 other places in Australia and 4 places. Remaining in Canada

Statistics indicate that Austin, Texas, USA is the # 1 city with the largest number of Reddit users, ranking 2nd and 3rd in Canada, including Calgary. And Edmonton respectively

For cities that do not use English And has the highest traffic statistics Is the city of Montreal in Canada And Stockholm stock in Sweden It is proof that Reddit is not limited to working with language. naplone

While the big cities like New York Ranked # 1 as the Top Local Subreddits, which ranks by average online users in the 24-hour peak period.

All this is considered an interesting announcement of statistics. Because of the past Many brands choose to announce users without giving geographic details. Which leads to further expansion, while Reddit can create a realistic value and close to the user Therefore, which brand will follow Reddit?

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